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Newsletter Autumn 2020


Update on Abbots Moss

Earlier this year several riders reported that the permissive path through Abbotts Moss Nursery had been closed and at the time we assumed it was due to COVID 19. We have been in touch with the Nursery Manager from Forest England and apparently this closure had been agreed jointly with the adjacent landowner due to ongoing problems of anti-social behavior and theft. There have been no issues at all with horse riders. This route has been used by riders for decades as it creates a safe circular route to and from the Whitegate Way using the restricted byway through Totties Hall Farm. We will continue to lobby FE and have asked if the route could be opened for a trial period and have pointed out that many riders have signed up to Horsewatch and are ideally placed to spot any issues.

Eastern end of route from restricted byway that passes through Totties Hall Farm


Overgrown or obstructed routes

We have had several reports recently about overgrown routes or problems such as trees down.  As always please do report any problems to the relevant authority and there are links on our website.  Cheshire East publish a maintenance schedule on their website so it is possible to check whether a cut is programmed.  More than one route has been reported to Cheshire West with a response saying that no work is in the programme and no work can be done due to resources! In such cases it can be helpful to get support from the local Parish Council or the ward Councillor as they are in a better position to lobby and clearance will benefit all users. Cheshire West also have a new App which is available for smartphones. You just need to register your email address and then you can report any issue from the location and submit a photo.


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